Our Market Entry team has first-hand experience of the challenges of growing companies internationally, both from the private sector and as business consultants assisting other companies in different market, experience that we have combined with local expertise in each individual market. Our clients have continually told us and shown us what they need, hence we have developed the following services to complement functions:

  • Enquiry Services: – An Initial 30-minute market consultation service (at no cost) with one of our Market Entry Specialists in order to better understand your needs and objectives within the region and market by market.
  • Market Research – Access to on the ground market knowledge and support in order to understand the local market and key business drivers; thereby identifying competitors and optimal routes to market for your products or services.
  • Market Development Visit – Maximize your time and effort visiting key market leaders, industry experts and customers with a structured and customized visit program designed by us, accompanied by a bilingual member of our team.
  • Business Centre Services – Access to secretarial support services, hot-desking space, private office facilities, executive meeting rooms, all with state-of-the-art technology and connectivity for your temporary or long-term requirements.
  • Event Management Services – Event and marketing services through holding targeted events, media strategy development and product promotion
  • Consultancy – Let us know how else we could help you! We can leverage our existing experts to help design optimum structures and locate the right professionals to drive your business forward, at both Regional or Local level.

  • While devising their new market entry strategy, organizations tend to exercise control in the new market by employing a foreign country manager to oversee the business operations. However, companies must understand the fact that hiring a country manager who understands the local customs, business practices, speaks the local language, enjoys cooperative relationship with local players, and is sensitive to the local customs would be a far better bet. In simple words, it is easier and less time-consuming to imbibe the corporate culture and the organizational values in a local hire as compared to waiting for a foreign employee to understand the nitty-gritties of the local market.