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Without an effective economic development strategy, a community is not able to enjoy the benefits reaped through sustainable activity and growth. At America-Direct, we help in this development as well as the enhancement of various economic development strategies to provide guidance for long term and short term actions.

We offer our expertise in all areas of economic development strategies, including collection and analysis of data, benchmarking, custom reports, sector/cluster development, asset mapping, strategy design and development, and public and stakeholder facilitation. America-Direct creates targeted business expansion, recruitment, as well as entrepreneurship strategies established in the most formidable industry insight and research available. Within all our services, we include comprehensive research, competitive assessments, implementation plans, and target industry identification. All economic strategic plans also come with task assignments, estimates for budgeting, performance metrics, and a calendar of implementations. Whether you purchase a single sector report or comprehensive strategy service, our sector experts offer you invaluable advice.

Other services we offer to our clients include:
  • Policy strategy, development, and action planning
  • Partnership and organization development
  • Economic impact appraisals, assessments, and evaluations
  • Demand feasibility, business planning, and assessment
  • Environmental, economic, and social research and analysis
  • Overall economic development strategies
  • Investment promotion value proposition development
  • Sector and cluster development and analysis
  • Multi-year job creation and growth plans and reports
  • Evaluation and measurement of development strategies
  • Private sector development efforts in emerging markets

  • At America-Direct, we have a fine-tuned process for the development of strategic planning that is seamless and provides a route right into the implementation of the plan. The approach we offer is inclusive and transparent, thereby always encouraging continual dialogue.

    We perform a competitive evaluation to identify all challenges and strengths. We complete a comprehensive review of all industry studies and strategic plans. We then engage with stakeholders in the community as well as the residents via surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. Through our analysis, we look at attributes toward the quality of life in the area, current economic conditions, target industries, state and local business climate, the infrastructure of the area, as well as assets in terms of education and the workforce. At the completion of our evaluation, we provide an assessment benchmarking the community against all competing regions.

    All of this does nothing without target economic analysis. We are constantly watching current industry trends and setting up interviews with executives in the marketplace to see how it is going. Because of our comprehensive research and evaluation, America-Direct has been able to lead the pack in terms of our economic strategies! Contact us today to learn more about our Economic Development Strategy services and our off the shelf reports available for purchase